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4 Key factors to Master TikTok Data Analysis

According to the latest app ranking data from Sensor Tower, TikTok's overall downloads still rank first in the first quarter of 2022. In Google Play downloads, TikTok follows closely behind Instagram and Facebook, ranking third. With 1 billion daily active users, it is almost as popular as two Douyin platforms combined and is still in its early stages. TikTok's traffic is simply too tempting.

However, after registering a TikTok account and happily posting your first video, you eagerly open your creator center an hour later and find that the view count is only a dozen or so, but you don't know where the problem lies... This situation is familiar to any TikTok operator. When analyzing TikTok videos, data analysis is also an essential step. By analyzing data, we can have a deeper understanding of TikTok videos and clearer iteration directions.

1. Completion rate

Completion rate is one of the most important indicators among many video indicators and is a key factor that affects video views. For an app, how long customers are willing to spend on it is a critical indicator, and the completion rate is strongly related to the time customers spend.

If your video has a high completion rate, it means that the audience is interested in the content of the video and willing to spend time watching it. The platform will often consider such videos to be relatively high-quality videos and further recommend them.

If your completion rate is below 30%, it means you need to put more effort into video content production. Here are two optimization ideas:

① Grab the viewer's attention in the first three seconds: The audience's loss of interest is often the highest in the first three seconds, so we can examine whether the content in the first three seconds is not eye-catching enough and whether there is room for optimization. For example, you can use reverse order, create suspense, and attract users.

② Add a plot twist at the end: A plot twist at the end can be surprising and intriguing, breaking the conventional structure of the story and adding novelty and depth to the theme.

2. Like rate

The calculation method is: like rate = total likes / total views. Compared with the completion rate, the like rate has less impact on the number of views, but it is still an indicator with optimization value.

It is generally believed in the industry that a like rate of 4%-5%, or even higher, can make it easier to win TikTok's official recommendation. So how can we improve the like rate?

Material selection: When selecting materials, pay attention to selecting materials that can impress you and make you want to like them. Only in this way can you possibly impress users.

Copywriting and music support: Put effort into copywriting. First, use language that is most easily understood by the target audience. Second, incorporate more stories and use more verbs and specific nouns. Verbs are the easiest for users to understand quickly. Finally, use appropriately humorous language. Music can enhance the atmosphere. Choosing the right music can be the icing on the cake, while unsuitable music may make users swipe away.

3. Comment rate

Calculation method: Comment rate = total number of comments / total number of views. 

The comment rate is easy to understand. Usually, only when users think your video is high-quality or has some flaws or points to argue with, they will comment. TikTok platform hopes to see videos with topics, and naturally, it will increase the recommendation efforts. On the contrary, if your video comments are less than 0.4%, it indicates that the content lacks resonance or flaws and needs optimization.

So how to improve the comment rate? You can optimize it through the following points:

① Optimize content: Content is king on TikTok, as mentioned repeatedly above. You can write copy in the video, set interactive questions or buy some heated comments in the video description to encourage users to leave comments and increase the number of comments. By replying to user comments, refining the core viewpoint of the video, and guiding more users to participate in the topic discussion, the comment rate can be further improved.

②   Interact more with fans: This is equivalent to chatting in the comment section. The comment rate will greatly increase with the back-and-forth comments, and the video is also playing when commenting, so the completion rate will also increase synchronously.

4. TikTok Analytics Tools

For e-commerce practitioners, one of the key needs for TikTok analytics tracker  is product selection. They hope to discover potential or blue ocean products through TikTok. For this demand, we recommend several professional product selection tools specifically for e-commerce platforms:

①Amazon Best Sellers

A customized section on the Amazon platform that updates the best-selling products in various categories in real-time. By entering the corresponding keywords, you can see the best-selling product list on the Amazon platform. 

Sellers can independently analyze the factors that make the products rank high on the list, including supply chain advantages and cost advantages. You can also conduct secondary development or minor innovations based on the hot selling attributes to help merchants select products more quickly in the best-selling products.

② Shoplus

Shoplus mainly provides a new perspective on product selection through social hot-selling products on the TikTok platform. In the "interest-based e-commerce" scenario, products often become popular on social media before they become popular in sales. Shoplus helps cross-border sellers find the latest popular products and discover potential explosive products. The platform also provides clues from KOLs and marketing strategy data.

Compared to the traditional product selection approach that focuses on sales results, TikTok's short video platform has obvious advantages in using a new perspective and utilizing social data and user feedback to make differentiated product selections.


Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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