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10 TikTok marketing tips from the influencers

TikTok is now a completely-fledged marketing machine for businesses, so Tikmeta have asked the experts to partake their top TikTok marketing tips! From chancing your niche to shooting your content, we ’ve got all of the stylish tips from content generators who ’ve seen huge success on theplatform.

With further than 1.5 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok has taken the world by storm. And whether educational vids or fun cotillion routines are your thing, there’s a space for your brand or business to make it’s mark on TikTok.

TikTok is a space where brands, businesses, and influencers can have fun, be their authentic characters, and try commodity new. And, chances are, there’s an followership out there that’s perfect for yourbrand.So, how can you make sure that your TikTok strategy drives the stylish results for your business? hear to the experts.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 1 Be Quick on The Trends

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok — indeed just a many twinkles — you ’ve noticed that TikTok is each about the trends.

Some trends come out of nowhere, and others are tied to current events. Beauty influencer and TikTok star, Seth Obrien, says that speed is one of the stylish ways to get your content seen on TikTok.

Seth, who has over 3 million TikTok followers, recommends his approach of recording and uploading the same day.

“ Since trends can come and go as snappily as one day, it’s important to stay on top of the trends to keep your content new and stimulating. ”

This process is n’t as time- consuming as it may feel. Because, rather than thinking of an entirely new conception every single day, Seth gets utmost of his ideas by scrolling his FYP and Explore runner.

And, the stylish part about jumping on the trends? druggies are actually searching and watching the content under trending hashtags so you ’ll be reaching new cult in no time!

Want to keep up with the TikTok Trends? Learn about the rise of quick turn TikTok trends and how to get involved in this blog post.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 2 Choose A Niche

TikTok has proven to be further than just dance moves and cute beast vids. There’s a niche for everyone, and Chriselle Lim,Co-founder and CMO at bümo, is then to prove it!

The fashion-obsessed mama of 2 says that whatever your brand is, no matter your age, no matter your subject, there's an followership on TikTok for everything.

“ That’s the power of TikTok — chancing a niche group of people. ”

For illustration, if you ’re looking to reach parents, produce content that resonates with or provides value for them.

Chriselle shares content for parents who are looking to educate their children about social themes and generalities, with the tagline “ helps little minds learn big effects. ”

By constantly participating niche content, your asked followership will ultimately find it — especially if you use the right discovery ways. And, once you connect with your followership, you can start to make a strong community that extends beyond the app.

“ Meet people where they're at and you'll find that you ’ll see growth in your business in further ways than just on TikTok.

“ Once my TikTok started taking off, all of a unforeseen my Instagram started growing again. ”

When it comes to chancing your niche, spend time scrolling and searching TikTok. Look at what your challengers are doing in the space and see where there’s a gap in the request for you to make your mark.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 3 Prepare and Exercise

One popular trend on TikTok is transition vids, so popular that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of vids of TikTok druggies showing others how to nail down the transition effect.

They're so satisfying and intriguing to watch — it’s no surprise they ’re so popular!

Still, Nichole Ciotti,Co-founder of Storyluxe, If you're looking to nail down transitions.

With over 500K followers on TikTok, Nichole is one of the original influencers to embrace the outfit transition trend. Her “ moment’s outfit ideas ” vids inspired a whole new surge of fashion- related content on TikTok.

“ For indefectible transitions, you want to move as little as possible in the frame, ” explains Nicole.

rather of counting on your eyes to keep everything harmonious, Nichole suggests using tape recording to mark down where you ’re standing.

“ When you use the tape recording trick, you can leave the frame, do what you have to do, and come back to that exact same spot. ”

TikTok Marketing Tips# 4 Immerse Yourself on the App

still, Nathan Allebach, Creative Lead at Steakumm’s, If you ’re serious about using TikTok in your marketing strategy.

" It’s important to actually figure out who's popular, why they're popular, what people are saying, and what people are actually interested in," he explains.

The stylish way to immerse yourself? Scroll through your For You Page day in and day out, follow popular generators, hear to all the trending sounds, and constantly browse the Explore runner.

They say it takes,000 hours( or ten times) to come an expert or master at commodity. But do n’t worry, it does n’t take that long to get the hang of TikTok.

After immersing yourself in TikTok for a many weeks, you ’ll soon begin to gain a better understanding of what it’s all about.

"The further time you spend on the app, the more it becomes alternate nature to you. You ’ll soon begin to understand why certain effects work and why certain don’t, " shares Nathan.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 5 Tell A Story

According to Sawyer Hartman, filmmaker and vlogger, the key to TikTok and any social media platform is liar.

And one of the stylish ways to tell a story and snare your followership’s attention is by strategically using textbook overlays.

Not sure where to start?

“ First, I use the textbook to establish a problem or snare attention. I generally address people’s fears and enterprises right off the club. And also, step by step, I break the problem, ” explains Sawyer.

Anyhow of what kind of videotape you ’re creating, the textbook on your videotape should always help tell a story.

“ Imagine your perfect bystander is sitting and watching your videotape with the sound off, what textbook can you put and what story can you tell that will move them to turn their sound on? ”

Adding textbook is an effective way to stop scrollers in their tracks, and is great for observers with hail impairments too.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 6 Post frequently

still, it’s that they all post to TikTok at least formerly every day, If there's one constant with all of our TikTok experts. Chriselle frequently posts up to 5 vids per day.

And the stylish thing about TikTok is that you can get creative with your content strategy. It’s a great platform to test new ideas and see what works for your business.

Once you find a format the resonates with your followership, you can keep replicating it to make on your success.

advertisement regularly is likely to help ameliorate your performance with the TikTok algorithm, too.

Start experimenting with your content strategy, be stalwart with new formats, and once you ’ve set up your winning formula, post as frequently as possible!

TikTok Marketing Tips# 7 Be The First

While so important of TikTok is about jumping on the trends and chancing ideas on the For You Page, it can also be about trying new effects and creating original generalities.

Chancing alleviation from the For You Page is a great strategy, but you don’t have to be tied down to what’s formerly passing out there.

People want to see new and instigative content, and it’s frequently the most innovative brands who see the most success on the app.And you don’t always have to start from scrape. Putting a unique spin on an being trend can be just as precious.

Take Sawyer’s advice “ You do n’t have tore-invent thewheel.However, you can take whatever trend is out there and add commodity to it that no bone has seen ahead, If you are n’t sure where to start. ”

TikTok Marketing Tips# 8 Don’t Give Up

still, this is it don’t give up, If there’s one glass mantra to take down from all the expert TikTok marketing tips.

TikTok can be exhausting, especially when trying to use it to grow your brand or business. While it only takes one videotape to go viral, do n’t get discouraged if it doesn’t be right down.

Take it from our TikTok experts it isn’t easy!

It took Nathan uploading 10 vids to SteakUmm’s TikTok before one videotape caught brume. And, indeed after that viral videotape, it took another 40 before another bonefollowed suit.

“ A lot of it was just learning at the morning. It was a lot of experimenting, ” he explains.

When starting off, trial with everything like what time you post to TikTok, what sounds you use, the type of vids you upload, and the style of your vids.

TikTok Marketing Tips# 9 Be Authentic

Authentic may be a social media buzzword, but in TikTok’s case, it does ring true, especially when you ’re just starting out on the app.

On TikTok, authenticity comes before aesthetics so do n’t be hysterical to try commodity new and let your personality shine!

When Chriselle started posting to TikTok, she set up she was expressing her true tone on TikTok more than she was on any other social platform.

“ TikTok encouraged me to be more authentic to myself and just have fun with it. ”

also, when Nichole started posting content on TikTok, she also knew she wanted to stay true to who she was.

“ When your brand is innately authentic to who you are, it makes transitioning to a new platform so much easier. You do n’t have to suppose of new effects, you can just continue to be true to yourself, ” she explains.

TikTok Marketing Tip# 10 Have Fun With It

TikTok is each about having fun — and for so numerous of our TikTok experts, the answer to their success on TikTok was simple have fun with your content.

When Seth started creating content on TikTok, he snappily realised that having fun was crucial to success.

“ There was a point where I was so focused on view count and likes. Eventually, I decided that I was going to start having fun with this. Once I made that shift, my vids started to do so much better. I was having so important fun. I really recommend just having fun with your content ”

Still, the chances are your observers will enjoy it too, If you're enjoying creating content. And if you ’re looking for indeed further tips, check out Tikmeta!

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